8th Malaysian International Seminar on Antarctica 
YPASM Smart Partnership Initiative- Call for Proposals
Antarctic and Arctic Soil Import Permit Application
Pertandingan Antartika Lestari 2019 



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 In conjunction with Malaysia’s accession to the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) 


The Government has taken the first step to establish and launch the Foundation. Malaysia as a nation stands to benefit from the programs laid by the Foundation. The Foundation needs the support of all Malaysians to move forward. This is the time to show support for such a noble cause. We would like to appeal to all state governments, private sectors and individuals to come forward and work hand-in-hand with the Foundation including to contribute funds to support the Foundation activities and Antarctic research. 

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Antarctica is earth's southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole. It is situated in the Antarctica region of the Southern Hemisphere, almost entirely south of the Antarctica Circle and is surrounded by the Southern Ocean. At 14,000,000 square kilometres (5,400,000 square miles), it is the fifth-largest continent in area after Asia, Africa, North America and South America. For comparison, Antarctica is nearly twice the size of Australia. About 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice that averages 1.9 kilometres (1.2 mi) in thickness,which extends to all but the northernmost reaches of the Antarctica Peninsula.

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