Week 1: The Journey to Antarctica

The journey to Antarctica started from Cambridge, United Kingdom where the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) building is located. I arrived at Cambridge on the 13th Dec after a 13 hours flight from Malaysia and a 3 hours coach. It was winter and the temperature was about 11°C. Before departure to Antarctica, I need to attend a maritime Personal Safety Techniques (PST) course which was held in Norwich on the 16th Dec. It was a one day course which comprises 2 sessions.

The first session is power point and video presentations on introduction to various survival techniques when there’s a ship incident whereas the second session is practical test. In the practical test, I had to put on the immersion suit before undergoing activities in the pool such as jumping down from a 3 metre height level into the pool and get myself float on the water within seconds, invert the safety raft back to normal position in the pool and then get myself onto the raft etc. It was quite difficult but luckily I do know how to swim. I got a certificate at the end of the course and this is to be submitted to the purser when I get onto the ship later for my departure to Antarctica. I travelled from UK to Falkland Islands (an island at the end of South America) by Royal Air Force (RAF) flight. The journey took about 20 hours inclusive of a 2 hours stop at Ascension Island for refuelling. 

Place where I took the maritime Personal Safety Techniques (PST) course at Norwich, UK

 Accommodation in Norwich while attending the PST course: Elm Farm Country House
 Black swam in Elm Farm Country House, Norwich, UK
 Interior design of Elm Farm Country House
 My arrival at Falkland Islands airport

P.S. No photos been taken while I was taking PST course (as that’s really an intensive class) and in the journey UK-Ascension-Falkland Islands (as I was not allowed to do so due to royal air force flight and military place) 



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