Week 5 : Adélie Penguins and Chicks

10th – 16th Jan

The week started with a stunning day. There were more elephant seals gather in front of the station. Thanks to the great job done by Matt with the fence, in this season the building is not surrounded by smelly elephant seals, which make our moves around the station much easier. 

On the 13th Jan, BAS ship named Ernest Shackleton was here to pick up two researchers: Norman (BAS researcher) and Fabrizio (researcher from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge). Now left only six of us in the station and the next ship that will come to pick up all of us would be in the middle of March.

There is one more diet sampling of Adélie penguins to go. The chicks grow really fast and their size is almost the size of their parent just in a month time. Some chicks have started moulting. At the same time, the chicks of chinstrap penguins have just hatched.

View of the station on a stunning day

Elephant seals in front of the station

Farewell to Norman (left) and Fabrizio (right)

Adélie penguins and chicks

A moulting Adélie chick

A chinstrap penguin with the chicks just hatched not long ago

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