Week 7 : The Terrifying Fur Seals

24th – 30th Jan

People might think it should be easy out to the field to collect samples but now I can tell you that this is not true especially field sampling in the coldest, driest and windiest place: Antarctica. Apart from difficulties walking on deep snow and slippery rocks, and burning feel on my fingers while collecting samples due to the freezing temperature, I also have to beware of the terrifying fur seals. It would be very unpleasant if I got bitten by them as they have sharp teeth and their saliva is full with germs. There were more than hundreds of them along the penguin pathway in Gourlay this week.

In order for me to get across the penguin pathway for field work, I need to chase them aside by hitting the sticks on my hand. They really dislike the metallic sounds and usually run away when I hit the sticks, except that there were a few very aggressive ones would still run towards me. By then, I would have no choice but need to find other routes.

More than hundreds of fur seals were around the penguin pathway in Gourlay.

A fur seal was alert when I walked pass.

The sticks on my hand are for some sorts of support while walking on snow,

and also as a weapon to chase the fur seals away.

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