Week 6 : SAR Exercise

BAS emphasise a lot on the safety issues. There was a first aid refreshment talk and a search and rescue (SAR) exercise on the 18th Jan. In the SAR exercise, I acted as a casualty who lad loss contacts during my way to the field, whereas other people were separated into two teams. Team 1 was responsible for searching the casualty. Once the casualty was located, they examined casualty’s condition and reported it to the base commander. Team 2 was then carried with them an insulated casualty bag, cascade stretcher, technical equipment and static rope rucksacks to assist Team 1.


Week 4 : Busy…Busy…Bee

3rd – 9th Jan 2014

This is my second week living at Signy Research Station, Signy Island or known as South Orkney Islands, Antarctica. My life here is quite busy but very organising. All of us work from 8.30am till 6pm on the week days referring to the working schedule suggested by base commander, Matt. However, I will need to have a very long working hours when comes to the penguin diet sampling day, which is once in every 5 days subjected to the weather. I usually depart to the sampling site, Gourlay around 11am to collect samples. By the time I’m back at the base would be about 9pm and then I need to do immediate lab work until 4am the next day. Well, despite hard work, we do have some nice games to play and a proper 3 course meal on every Saturday evening to release our stress.

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