Week 6 : SAR Exercise

BAS emphasise a lot on the safety issues. There was a first aid refreshment talk and a search and rescue (SAR) exercise on the 18th Jan. In the SAR exercise, I acted as a casualty who lad loss contacts during my way to the field, whereas other people were separated into two teams. Team 1 was responsible for searching the casualty. Once the casualty was located, they examined casualty’s condition and reported it to the base commander. Team 2 was then carried with them an insulated casualty bag, cascade stretcher, technical equipment and static rope rucksacks to assist Team 1.

As for my field work, eventually Adélie penguin diet sampling is completed on the 20th Jan, and the first diet sampling of chinstrap penguins were started on the 23rd Jan. It was very noisy when I walked around the rookeries to collect guano and soil samples. The Adélie chicks were big and strong enough running here and there in the rookeries and made lots of noise.

Team 1: In SAR exercise, Anna and Mark were checking my condition (I acted as a casualty) and reporting the results to base commander.

I was then placed on a stretcher and with oxygen supply by teams 1 and 2 to be transported back to the building.

One of the Adélie penguin rookeries in Gourlay, Signy Island, Antarctica. Each rookery could have a range of about 30 to 1700 nests.

A chinstrap penguin had already been sampled, which black ink is sprayed on the penguin’s body after diet sampling. This is to avoid getting samples from the same bird.

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