Week 8 : A stunning Chinese New Year in Antarctica

31st Jan – 6th Feb

The week of Chinese New Year was welcomed with stunning weather. However, I did not have holiday on Chinese New Year. The 2nd chinstrap penguin diet sampling had fall on the 30th Jan (Chinese New Year Eve), and I had been working overnight that day, and more laboratory work to do on the next day. Still, I was pleased that I could find some time for baking cookies to get my stomach satisfied. Well eventually, on the 6th Feb (the 7th day of Chinese New Year), we had the yusheng meal (raw fish salad, a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigour) as a starter of our dinner for celebration.

Happy Chinese New Year! Greeting from Mr. Friendly (the skua), and I.

Though there was no proper Chinese New Year celebration, I had dressed up nicely and baked some cookies for everybody in the station.

Yusheng (raw fish salad) that I made with ingredients available in the station: smoked salmon fish, bean sprout, cabbage, pepper, onion, carrot, parsnip and red cabbage.

Ana, Matt, Stacey, Bruce, Mark and I were having the yusheng meal. We wish that everybody in Malaysia have a fantastic Chinese New Year.

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