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YPASM strongly supports active presence and interest of Malaysia in Polar Regions through its interaction with international bodies including the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting(ATCM) and Asian Forum for Polar Sciences (AFoPS). Close collaborations are also established with national polar programs of other countries, namely British Antarctic Survey (BAS) of United Kingdom, Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI, South Korea) and National Institute of Polar (NIPR, Japan).YPASM constantly seeks for partnership opportunities with its foreign counterpart as part of the effort to connect Malaysian scientists with the international scientific community and to advance our research capacity.












  Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)  

Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM)

  Asian Forum for Polar Sciences (AFOPS)

Berth Support to British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Research Stations

1. Background

  • Malaysia via the Malaysian Antarctic Research Programme (MARP) and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), United Kingdom has long established a good scientific cooperation in relation to Antarctica.
  • To strengthen the cooperation, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between YPASM and BAS which reflects the understanding of both parties to shape future scientific cooperation in Antarctica over the period of 2013 – 2018.
  • The scientific collaboration includes the joint collaborative project where BAS invited Malaysian scientists to visit BAS stations at Signy and Rothera in Antarctica.  BAS and Malaysian researchers will work together to identify and mutually agree on collaborative projects that support and fit into or are complementary to BAS Research Program. 

2. Purpose of the call

  • YPASM seeks for Expression of Interest (EoI) from Malaysian researchers to undertake field work at BAS stations in Signy or Rothera for the 2017/2018 BAS expedition to Antarctica.
  • The application is ONLY opened to all Malaysian researchers from universities participating in the YPASM Smart Partnership Initiative, namely Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM),  Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and International Medical Universiti (IMU).  

3.  Offer details

3.1 YPASM will make an annual contribution of £25,000 to BAS for each Malaysian scientist visiting BAS stations during the Antarctic summer season.
3.2 The works of the researchers would be based on activities at the stations and day trips from the stations. Any activities extending beyond this would require a separate financial contribution by the researcher.
3.3 Other expenses such as airfare from KL to the UK, and the Falkland Islands and/or Punta Arenas, subsistence expenses, freight costs and rental of polar clothing for field use will be borne by the applicants and/or their host institutions.

4. Application

 Responses to this EoI should include the following:

4.1 Collaborator (s) already identified in BAS;
4.2 Justifications for choosing Signy or Rothera and duration of field work;
4.3 Project funding – details of research grant (s) already secured;
4.4 Field work details;
4.5 CV of applicant – as attachment.

5. Selection Criteria

5.1 Priority will be given to applicants having research projects with funding already secured;
5.2 Projects must be truly collaborative and the field work is based on activities at the BAS stations during the Antarctic summer season;
5.3 BAS has a preference for sending experienced researchers.  

6. Enquiries

For any inquiries, kindly contact Mr. Hafiz /Mr. Nasaruddin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 03-2691 0651).
Click here to download the BAS Expedition 2017/2018 Planning Schedule. 


1. 2013/2014 Click here for details     

    • Yew Wen Chyin, UM - Report
    • Yogabanu Ullaganathan, UM - Report                              

2.    2014/2015 | Click here for details  

    • Dr Chan Kok Keong, IMU - Report
    • Yogabanu Ullaganathan, UM - Report                                     

 3.   2015/2016 | Click here for details

    • Dr Japareng Lalung, USM - Report
    • Shoba Mary Thomas,UM - Report 

4.   2016/2017 | Click here for details

  • Shoba Mary Thomas
  • Dr. Siti Aqlima Ahmad             


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